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Karen Head-Morris

I was born into a family of high profile Horse and Pony Exhibitors. I was brushing the tail of My Fathers Champion Galloway “Decca” by the time I was three years old. My Father and two brothers all winners in riding classes at Royal Shows. By the time I was six I joined them on my pony and Royal winner “Little Duel”. My brothers left the ring, however I chose to continue under the supervision of My father. Some of the Hacks that were in the Stable at that time were “State Affair”, “Foreign Affair” and “Prime Time” just to mention a few. However I was also climbing the Corporate Ladder and was transferred to Tasmania, with Dad thinking this was the end of My riding Career.

With in months came, the can you send my horse down with a car and float. I showed and ended up training successfully in Tasmania in the time I was there.

Then came that Dr. Ken Armstrong and My Dad had bought a spectacular Thoroughbred Mare “Calais Royale”. Dad had trained the Mare but needed some one to ride her so I took the offer up and moved back to Brsibane. This started the combination that was very hard to beat, “Myself and Rosie”. Horse of the Year smartest on Parade as well as wins in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane Royals, including some sensational rides, placed in the Garryowen at Melbourne, Side Saddle,win in Sydney, Champion Lady Rider at Brisbane Royal. The same year as “Calais Royale ” (Rosie) carried Her to Champion Lady Rider This fabulous Mare was sashed as Supreme Champion against all comers in the Thoroughbred Ring. Calais Royale had nothing more to prove and was retired to Stud. Everyone thought i would also retire when I found the love of My life with Derek. However after My first daughter was born I knew there would be a Pony, not any ordinary Pony, but a bomb proof Champion. “Dunelm Pantomine”

Because I was now a stay at home mum I thought I should put what I had learned to use and support My show horse habit. Hence fifteen years ago “Shantaylah Lodge Riding Centre” was born. This was to be a very small operation, but soon the Students started to win along with some very notable horses joining the stable. From a couple of stables at The Brisbane Royal, it became near a full row, with My organizing Skills being pushed to the limit. I have an infinite capacity for work, with my students representing Queensland in National competitions every Year. My attention to detail for how a rider and her mount enter the competition is exemplary, making sure that the colours of gear and rider match beautifully with the mount.